Lucency Technologies

Lucency Technologies is one of the Best institute for Python and Machine Learning and it has begun to play its role in providing skillful Python Training and valuable internship programs in KPHB Hyderabad since 2016. Sharing knowledge is one good and essential thing which society needs today in order to brace itself. Keeping this in mind, the elite team of working professionals with expert knowledge in particular courses teamed up to train aspiring candidates who want to bright up their careers by choosing these python courses.

Every year number of candidates are completing their graduation or diplomas from the renowned universities, but not everyone is getting placed in companies. Whatever the reasons might be, many of the candidates are unemployed due to lack of proper guidance and training. We in our Lucency Technologies offer specialized Python Training in Hyderabad, Machine Learning Training in Hyderabad,Django training in Hyderabad to fresher’s and experienced candidates and apart from these we also offer Internships on Python in Hyderabad,Internships on Machine Learning in Hyderabad,Internships on Data Science in Hyderabad and also conducting Workshops on Python,Workshops on Machine Learning in Hyderabad,.

As the saying goes 'The journey of a thousand miles begin with one step', a few years back with bigger dreams we also started with one trainee and now we stand in a position with a good reputation by offering training to number of students. We can proudly say that our organization is successful because the maximum percentage of trainees approached our organization with the positive mouth spread by recommending our courses to their peers or colleagues.